We start the 1st Tuesday in October
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All About YOU 
Your Keywords, Profiles and Resumes
HERE'S WHAT I've Got For You
Tuesdays in October
at 5 pm Pacific

Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will guarantee you start to see real results on your job search. 


My Get Started Here Module
So you will know exactly where to get started 

  • Your first assignment  - so you can gather your thoughts, old resumes, etc. before we even start.
  • Overview of what is coming - because writing a resume can be hard
  • List of tools and websites we will use in the class

What Words to Use in Your Resume and Profiles
So you can get through the "Black Hole" of online applications

  • What keywords and specific "jargon" are used in your niche and how to use job boards to find them.
  • What action words will show (not tell) what you have done
  • How to put these together in PAR statements and dragon-slaying stories

Your LinkedIn and G+ Profiles
Why and how

  • The #1 mistake that ruins your chance of getting found by the right people.
  • How to use all of the sections to attract the right recruiters and, even better, hiring managers
  • How to write a headline that grabs attention
  • Templates and links to use freely

How to easily write a fresh resume for each opening 
Your resume template, what needs to change and more...

  • How and when to use your resume and how to keep one available for quick tailoring
  • Overwhelm hiring managers with how well you fit what they need.

And Bonus!

  • Free one-on-one reviews of your resume template, the one you are using now, and each of your online profiles

Here's what this will do for you...

Here is just a sample of the benefits and transformations
you'll get by diving into this course


Simple. Practical. Effective. Easy.

The easy way to create your personal brand, visibility (to the right people) and resumes that get you the interview

More Interviews!


Get more interviews and more chances "at bat"

You will be hired if you can be found and known.

Be visible and known!

Know what you are good at!

Job search is hard and all too often we get discouraged and think that no one wants us and that we don't have anything to offer.  This course will allow you to print out a list of your best skills and expertise.  

Know what you have to offer!

Be ready for that horrible question, "Tell me about yourself"

You will know what to say when people ask, "What do you do?" and when interviewers say, "Tell me about yourself." Know your "dragon-slaying" stories and how they apply to this job!

Know your hero stories!


Get a personal review of your personal review of your personal branding

Juliet Philips “I had contacted Connie when searching for jobs and I was very impressed with how quickly she responded. She took the time to explain and guide me through the process and gave me meaningful insights on how to go about finding a job that I want. She is someone I would recommend to all my colleagues.” (via LinkedIn)

Talk with an active recruiter about your job search

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